Fire in the landscape

Fire in the landscape
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)

For Years 7-10

Fire has been a natural part of the environment in south-west WA for millions of years. This excursion enables students to investigate a range of fire-related topics. Find out more about the history of fire in Western Australia. Discover how the forest recovers after fire and how native animals respond. Learn more about how fire is used by Parks and Wildlife Service, to manage ecosystems and reduce bushfire risk. You can create your own excursion for a single class up to a whole year level. 

Every class will participate in Fighting fire with fire (1 hour 40 min) - How is bushfire managed today? In this activity students will be introduced to the history of fire in the landscape, the practice of prescribed burning and conduct fieldwork to determine if prescribed burning is effective at reducing the risk of bushfires.

Choose two other activities depending on your focus:

  • Fire biology (50 min)- students will learn how native animals respond to fire and how their habitats can be both created and destroyed by bushfires.

  • Fire hazard assessment - students will look at a range of landscape and built environment factors which affect fire risk and learn how to prepare for fire at home and in the bush

  • Fire truck observation (50 mins) - In this activity, students will take a closer look at some of the fire fighting equipment used by Parks and Wildlife fire fighters. Learn about what personal protective gear they wear and how it keeps them safe. Students will get an up close experience with a fire truck, learning about the equipment and get an opportunity to have a go using the fire hose (May not be available during fire season)

Science (7,9) & HASS (7,8) Priorities - Sust, ATSI

COST: $16.00 per student

Excursion runs from 10am to 2pm including morning tea and lunch times. Students arrive at 10 am and have 15 - 20 minutes for morning tea, the activity commences after morning tea.  Finish times can be adjusted to your needs.


  • Wellington Discovery Forest, near Bunbury
  • RAC Margaret River Nature Park

Please note:

  1. Maximum students per group is 30. Multiple groups can be accommodated.
  2. Our booking officer will get back to you via email to confirm your excursion within 5 working days.