Walk and Talks at River Guardians Festival

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  • Duration: 30 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Perth, WA

We have a series of Walk and Talks scheduled at the River Guardians Festival Saturday 20th of April. Whether you love the birds, dolphins or turtles, or just want to learn more about what lives around the area, we have a Walk and Talk for you! Join a session to learn about the iconic wildlife around South Perth and hear from some very talented wildlife photographers as they share their tips and tricks for spotting and taking photos of birds, turtles and dolphins. These passionate wildlife advocates will also share their knowledge of these amazing animals and will inspire you to take action to conserve them!

Session Schedule:

8.00am-8.30am Veronica McPhail from Wildlife Advocacy South Perth: The Beauty of Birds, photography tips (Lake Douglas)

8.45am-9.15am Ian Barlow: Spot the Turtles (Lake Douglas)

9.30am-10am Georgina Wilson from Wildlife Advocacy South Perth: Bird Talk (Lake Douglas)

10.05am-10.35am Sue Harper, Top Tips for Dolphin Watching and Photography (foreshore/River)

10.45-11.15am Ian Barlow: Spot the Turtles (Lake Douglas)

What to bring:

No need to bring anything but feel free to bring along your camera or smartphone as our presenters have lots of helpful tips!

Each presenter/organisation will have a stall at the festival, so if you miss out on the Walk and Talk, feel free to pop over to the stall for a chat!