Testing testing H2O

Testing testing H2O
  • Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Wilson, Western Australia

Year 11 and 12

 *Can be adapted for Yr 9 – Biological Sciences

A comparison of water quality (Please note: Choose any time to be taken to the booking page. You can
choose your exact desired time in the booking form)

 The Kent Street Weir on the Canning River provides a unique location to compare two river systems. Students utilise field equipment to assess abiotic features such as pH, salinity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and nutrient levels both upstream and downstream of the Weir. Water quality data is compared and discussed in terms of the impacts on aquatic life and the long-term management of the Canning River.

COST: $8 per student (minimum payment for 20 students)

Excursion duration is 1.5 hrs and can be booked from 9:30am to 2:30pm.  

Biology ATAR Unit 1/General Unit 4, Integrated Science ATAR Unit 2/General Unit 1, Geography ATAR Unit 3/General
Unit 1.


  • Canning River Eco Education Centre, Wilson
Please note:
  1. Maximum students per group is 30.  Multiple groups can be accommodated.
  2. Our booking officer will get back to you via email to confirm your excursion within 7 working days.