Take a dip - Secondary-Perth Metro

Take a dip - Secondary-Perth Metro
  • 期間: 90 分 (約)
  • 所在地: Wilson, Western Australia

Years 7- 9

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Exploring river ecosystems 

This popular, interactive program provides students with the opportunity to sample and record the amazing and diverse macroinvertebrate communities that live in the Canning River. Students utilise field equipment to investigate the critical role of aquatic life in maintaining the health of wetland ecosystems.

*Classification, adaptations or food webs can be a focus on request.

Science, HASS, Priorities – Sust

COST: $8 per student (minimum payment for 20 students). Includes GST.

Excursion duration is 1.5 hrs and can be booked between 9:30am and 2:30pm.  


  • Canning River Eco Education Centre, Wilson
Please note:
  1. Maximum students per group is 30.  Multiple groups can be accommodated.
  2. Our booking officer will get back to you via email to confirm your excursion within 7 working days.
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